Upside Down House
Multi disciplinary project - Installation
Stoke Newington Festival, London UK - June 2001
The Lighthouse / St Enoch Square, Glasgow UK - April 2002
Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool UK - May 2002

Mixed Media - timber, glass, metal, household furniture's and building materials
Dimensions - (400cmx500cmx500cm)

Text by SUMER EREK - April 2001

We are all living in an evermore complex and confusing world full of stress, tension and confrontation. In order to survive we must all have safe space to escape to. Some escape to the outside some to the inside. The cube represents a self-made personal space, apart from the physical boundaries that we use to keep others at a distance, there are the mental boundaries that we set up. The cube gives the illusion of stability, security and safety but in reality it is the opposite. Separating and ultimately isolating us from others, it can be a self-made prison, a world so removed from reality that we can be upside down and not realise it.

Installation piece is aiming to make people question the spaces they create, and how other people see them as well as how they see others, and the danger of judging someone from the outside without knowing what is on the inside. You have to step in to experience their reality or step out to see a different world. There are no clear answers, no easy solutions, everything changes with your perspective, who is right and who is wrong depends on which window you are looking out of.